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Fonts - Is there a font that resembles hand lettering????

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There are quite a few (hundreds at least), depends what you're doing though, many 'hand righting' font sets only have the core characters ie


a-z A-Z 0-9 and . , ; : ' " ( ) ! ? / * = - + -


For the basic Architects Daughter is nice

I have installed one called Angelina


https://www.free-fonts.com/hand-shx - these are hand written style Autocad .shx (shape font)  but they download as .ttf



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There are fontmaker apps for touch screen devices like the iPad that let you make and tweak a font based on your own lettering style. Can be quiet fan but a lot of effort to make it just so and scale well. So might not be worth it unless you have a lot of distinctive letters compared to the quality hand fonts like tekton.

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