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The load is part of a hanging position but cannot be assigned to a structural element

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I'm new to braceworks so bare with me.... I'm trying to hand a projection screen and keep getting an error of "The load is part of a hanging position, but cannot be assigned to a structural element." not sure how to fix this i also seem to be getting this when same error when using the cable tool that has cable dropping to the ground off the truss. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I've had a quick look at your file, the error message seems to be missing from our documentation, but because its a blue information message it doesn't prevent the Braceworks calculation of the system.
Look in the Load overview dialogue and you will see that the cable loads etc have all been calculated, if Braceworks had not included them in the calculation the force and load data would not be filled in.

I think the message is being triggered because Braceworks treats cable objects as distributed loads and is warning that the load is distributed across multiple trusses that may have to be raised separately to trim height.

I'll open a bug report to get the error message documented

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  • 5 months later...

I just received the same error message. It looks like the load was considered attached, but the location of the items were too far apart. In my case, the Z axis was the problem. I made the Z axis of the items in a closer range and the error messages went away.

Example - The truss was sitting on the ground 0', but lights were at show trim at 30'. 

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