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2D Hardscape Area: Draw Border Joint Pattern


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Hi Everyone,


Using Vectorworks Landmark 2022 (2D planting plan), Windows 10 Pro.


I've created a Hardscape Area and assigned a 4"-wide Border with one of the built-in VW hatches called 'Brick Economy Running Bond HF'. I was expecting a single course of 4"-wide x 8" long bricks to continue around all four sides of the rectangular space, but only the top border looks as expected. I get that there might be some adjustments since the length and width of the area isn't evenly divisible by 8", but I would hope to get close for illustrative purposes.


Attached is the area, which I've selected to highlight the Hardscape Area in question. Having the same problem with the adjacent brick areas where I also want this basic running bond border.


Any idea how to achieve what I'm looking for? Basically wanting the border along each of the 4 sides to display a single row of 8" long x 4" wide bricks.


Thanks for your help,




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