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New M2 MacBook Pros

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I think there there are users who need extra expandability so the MacGurman will have the slots necessary to add internal video capture cards, etc.  Things that most mortals never dare to dream about, but that make a $10K computer seem like the lowest cost part of the rig of $100K cameras, etc. they are using.


That is the audience for the Pro.  Not the people who are drawing and modeling.



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I did install from scratch with Trash Can in early 2015, it did from scratch with M1 Mini early 2021.


But it doesn't need more than a year and it is theoretically back into a messy state.

With so many App installations already deleted again, abandoned Settings and Folders,

Caches, .... (Twinmotion, Unreal Engine, .... WTH)

Where, with years of further usage, you would not see any negative impacts on a Mac.

(As long as you are not running out of SSD space)


Installing from scratch feels good and on Mac isn't that hard as on Windows,

(because iCloud, App Store, ....) maybe 3 days vs 2 weeks in Windows for me,

but it is still lost time. (Worse with recreation of VW Workspaces)

I think it is more pragmatic and also effective for most people to just migrate

your Mac System.

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40 minutes ago, Mark Aceto said:

Yeah... I've already lost too much data from Apple.


I thought about migrating is more a risk of not losing data !?


Yes, some older software will no more work on newer macOSs 

(Catalina, Big Sur, ...) and still leave their data on your disk,

and most proprietary Apps demand a new Installation after

anyway, but I did not experience any data loss or such (?)

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