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JPG/PNG Quality Poor Compared to PDF

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Currently trying to export images of my line drawings for a Design & Access Statement. Using Apple Pages so exporting as JPG/PNG is my best bet for cropping effectively and getting file sizes down.  However, I think I have messed about with the settings previously and my image file exports are always blurry or contain thick lines compared to PDF. Is there something wrong with my settings? Thanks. 

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 12.11.22.png

2210 - Planning Materials 3.jpg

2210 - Planning Materials 3.pdf

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I find I can earn only export images from the sheet space as from model space system always tells me I don't have enough RAM.https://i.imgur.com/XSgVq84.jpg 


So in sheet space work out the final image size you want - I use centimetres, set your resolution - I use 300 ppi [ it's mad that VW is not fully metric], then tab through to print size and enter desired image wet in centimetres. Then through to format and check correct image format is selected and Quality - I normally use the second highest setting, and Save. 

vw image export.JPG

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12 hours ago, unearthed said:

I use 300 ppi [ it's mad that VW is not fully metric]

Surely you jest.

Is there a metric ISO for screen resolution?


I know this is a rare and strange possibility, but have you tried adjusting your output size to something with more square proportions or with whole numbers.  Your print size is a bit odd and I have seen that cause errors in the past.  I don’t know why this is, just have seen it.  Perhaps worth a try.

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56 minutes ago, line-weight said:

A digital image simply has a size measured in an absolute number of pixels.


Yes, in any App where you can render an image you can set your number of Pixels easily.

Very rarely I also made use of the option to set a DPI value, e.g. for 2D Artists which

seem to be fixed to DPI numbers as a sign of quality and don't want to think in pixel numbers.

"I can't know yet how large I will use your image in my layout finally - but I want it to be 300 DPI !"


Just in VW it is so hard to get an Image out in a fixed Pixel size.

It may work reasonably in a SLVP - 3 Pixels up or down,

but for a "screen" render, I always calculate and play with print size and DPI setting until

I get a vague number of pixel representation.

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15 hours ago, zoomer said:



Just in VW it is so hard to get an Image out in a fixed Pixel size.

It may work reasonably in a SLVP - 3 Pixels up or down,


Yes, this is very annoying when you need two versions of something to be exactly pixel-size identical!


I have discovered (I think) that the variation is affected by the state of zoom at the moment you do the render or export. So if you don't zoom in or out in between renders it stays the same. This is of course very inconvenient to do in practice.

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