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DataSmith & VW

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Hi, Question, I am playing with DataSmith and it seems if i move an object in TM that came from VW Datasmith i cant get it back to the same location as was in VW. Update DS and the ball stays in moved location. Seems the only way to get it back to VW location is to delete it from TM & cut from VW and repaste back into VW in place and it magically appears in TM.


Is this how it is supposed to work???




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I think that is the way it should work.  I wouldn't want my VW-Datasmith-TM updates to keep undoing all the changes I've made in TM.

I haven't tried this but I believe you can import several different iterations of the same model into TM.   You can also get the xyz location of the ball in VW then use the transform panel in TM to move the object back to that location. 


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The way i have always worked is my VW model controls the model in TM. All the dress up is done in TM, furniture etc. I dont move any VW item in TM. This is simple when exporting as Cinema 4D but with Data Smith you can move all the VW file items which can be dangerous as you can lose track of the real model. Wonder if there is a way to lock the VW-DS file in TM so you can opt to change or not.

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@Dave DonleyHi, Not sure if you see this is a glitch in Datasmith Export but the way it works now is anything you move in VW automatically updates in DS. But move a VW item in Twin Motion when you resync VW file the item does not move back it seems to be forgetting the item in VW. Shouldn't the TM file updated to the VW file everytime you sync it??



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I can't speak for Dave or Vectorworks, but I believe that is working as designed.  I think the idea is that you import your model into Twinmotion and then can adjust items, move them, texture/retexture them, etc.  When you resync the file, you don't want to lose all that work you did previously, so those items remain untouched.  I'm not saying this is good or bad logic, but I believe this is what I read about the workflow earlier when exploring it's possibilities.  I'm not a TM user, so forgive me if that isn't correct.

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@EAlexander Thanks for the comments.

Been using TM with VW for some years now and have used C4D export as textures. There is no way to move any of the VW file in TM, you can add furniture, change textures, add landscape and add lights etc (Willing to be corrected as always wanting to learn). 

This has been good but now with Datasmith (DS) its a whole new world. VW file structure comes over to TM so you now have the opportunity to add rotators to a VW door in TM and have it open via a trigger as you walk towards the door etc.

I think the VW model should still control the TM base model as before. Decorate the TM file as before. This way you have two separate files, the base building (VW) and all the decoration (TM). If you want to move a wall do it in VW and it immediately updates in TM via DS sync.

As noted in earlier post i think if you move the VW file ball in TM and re sync it from VW it should move back to the VW location. (Parent file)

Any comments from anyone welcome.



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