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Is there a way to switch all lighting fixture illumination off in shaded mode. While modeling I would prefer the default light.


I do realise I can edit every single light and switch them off, but I guess I am looking for the master switch.


Thank you

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Turning off all the lights won't turn on the default light. @Pat Stanford's suggestion will work -- if all the light-generating objects are in a hidden layer or class, Vectorworks will create the default light. If you're working with Lighting Devices and still want to see their geometry, this isn't really a viable solution.


I recommend replicating the default light. Go to the Visualization palette, activate the Light tool, and place a Directional light (the first mode, that looks like a sun). It can go anywhere in the drawing. In Object Info, deselect the Cast Shadows option. Use @markdd's suggestion to turn all the other lights off via Visualization.


While the light won't adjust to your view like the default light, which is always over your left shoulder, it works pretty well for general illumination.

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I echo @fuberator's sentiment. I am seeking a similar solution; requesting that any newly-created Spotlight Lighting Device does NOT have its source "Turned On" by default... it's terrible to have to use scripts, visibility palette, etc to go turn them all off after inserting them (wasted workflow time).


Just keep it off by default, and if any Spotlight fixtures need to be turned "ON" for a render, I am almost certain it is more efficient to choose which lights are ON - instead of EVERY light in the plot being on at once 🙂.


Or a toggle radio button in File > Document Settings > Spotlight Preferences (just like there's a section to choose a fixture's default insertion angle) to help each user decide their workflow. A little toggle that decides if all new Spotlight fixtures are "ON" or "OFF".

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The attached command should do what you want.  Add it to the Plug-Ins folder in the 2023 User Folder and then add it to your workspace.  Unfortunately, as it is part of AutoPlot Tools for Spotlight, it will only work for 2 months from its first use. 

There is also a "Beam Console" command that will let you turn on beams by channel number, focus points, or selection.

Email me with any comments, questions, or problems.





All Beams Off.vsm

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6 hours ago, benjaminauer said:

Also tried Sams Script, does not really do as advertised, only turns off beams but does not restore the shaded mode, everything stays shaded

Actually, it does do as advertised.  It turns off all the beams.  You also want it to restore the shaded mode.  What shaded mode should it return to?

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14 hours ago, benjaminauer said:

Can you provide one?

The script needs to actually hide the objects, as opposed to turning them off. Vectorworks allows you to set the visibility of individual objects, but as viewports have mostly eliminated the need for this, it's only accessible via script.


Here are two one-line scripts to hide and show all lights.




Hiding objects has some caveats -- for example, a hidden object can still be selected, causing unpredictable results with some commands.

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