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VW crashes when trying to print

Janet Rose


I recently updated to MAC OS 13.1 Ventura. I was using Vectorworks 2021.  VW would  stop responding when  I chose Printer Set up in Page Set up. I had to force quit the program.


I just updated to Vectorworks 2023. The program now totally quits when I choose Printer Set up. 

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Apparently there is a Ventura bug in Print Setup.


Paste the following into a new blank Vectorscript froth Resource manager and run it one. It will clear the page setting and seems to be preventing the problem.


SetPref(12346, true);
Message('Script Complete.');


Ask again if you need more information.

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Go to the Resource Manager

Click the New Resource button at the lower left.

Choose Script

Name/select  the Palette the script should be placed in

Name the script

Paste the script text into the edit window

Click the gear icon in the edit window dialog box to compile the script. If you get a Script Compiled Successfully dialog box you are good. If not, there is something wrong.

Click the OK button to close the edit window

Double click the script name in the palette to run the script.


HTH. Ask again is not clear enough.

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