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Clip Cube Issue with SP3 on a Mac



After updating to SP3, the clip cube function is cutting through what seems like a random plane instead of the full model.  The section cut plane is somehow related to the layer that I am currently on.  I checked a PC version of VW in the office and it isn't affecting that machine.


This causes you to have to select each edge and pull it out so you can see the whole model prior to selecting the plane you want to push/pull for your section cut.



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On 1/26/2023 at 4:49 PM, Dave Donley said:

If nothing is selected the whole model is used for the initial clip cube bounds, it is effectively the same as selecting all objects in the model.


as bjoerka said, this is how it is supposed to work and always has in the past.  But SP3 changed that, and now every time I turn on the clip cube, with nothing selected, it cuts through the model as described above, depending on which layer is active.

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To clarify the conversation...


In SP3, with nothing selected, turning on the Clip Cube clips to the bounds of all the visible geometry on ONLY the current Layer. Previously it would clip to the bounds of visible geometry on ALL layers.


I assume this is a bug. I noticed unexpected behavior a couple days ago but didn't take a moment to explore what was happening. @bpsabatier is spot on with their assessment of the issue.

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41 minutes ago, Andy Broomell said:

turning on the Clip Cube clips to the bounds of all the visible geometry on ONLY the current Layer


Indeed !


Haven't noticed that !?

(Maybe I had mostly the active Layer visible only ...)



But this looks like a great Feature ....

Ahm, no, it will not adapt Clip Cube's Volume when I switch active Layer ....


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No I am seeing in SP4 that it still uses only the active layer's bounds, thanks for the clarifications.  Still an open bug.  Workaround for the moment would be select all then turn on clip cube to get bounds of all objects.





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