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Jeff Lietz


Hi. I just bought the full version of Acrobat (5.0) and I'm trying to create a .PDF file from a fairly simple 2D Vectorworks drawing. I'm using a 1GHz PIII w/512MB RAM/WIN2000 machine, which should be PLENTY fast enough. My question is this: How long does this normally take? From Vectorworks, I went into FILE/PRINT menu, and chose Acrobat Distiller, which SHOULD save the VW file as a .PDF, right? It's been thinking for 49 minutes so far. This doesn't seem right to me. Am I missing something? Is there something I need to do to the Vectorworks file first? Is this amount of time typical?

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I've found that in general Acrobat 5 is REALLY slow, however, we've also found (under windows) that the VW print engine is WAY faster. We commonly do check sets to an inkjet printer and, previously, had to use acrobat to print as it would take forever. Now we just print directly.

This appears to be a problem w/ acrobat 5....

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My documents all print pretty much as soon as I send them. The problem is that less than 1% of my clients have any kind of CAD program, which leaves me needing to send them files that under no circumstances should be edited, only printed at a level of resolution where they can be sized 36" x36" or larger. (Hence the need for sending .PDF files..) I've tried exporting JPEG and .BMP files, but the resolution is poor at best. Most of what I do is larger scale (i.e. 50,000 sq. ft. or more), but my clients need to see details of much smaller (10'x10') areas within these drawings. 45 minutes to save as .PDF is UNACCEPTABLE. Any other ideas out there?

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