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texture trading post



This isn't really about Tech Notes,

On the Rendering Post, an idea has come up that could be incredibly useful to those of use who use RW extensively.

Would it be possible to create a post for trading custom textures, where users could post requests or could just post whole libraries. I know I've created dozens of custom textures in the last year and I would happily trade with other users.

This could be a huge time saver, and it could expand the abilities of the new user as well as the seasoned ones.


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I'll make sure that our webmaster takes a look at this. Ultimately, he would have to determine whether or not we could have this on the website. I agree, I think it would be a great way to share tools. The only possible downside I see is the transmission of viruses amongst users. Although unlikely, it is a possibility.


Brian O

Nemetschek North America

Technical Support Specialist

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Hey Mike,

The webmaster likes the idea. Email him at webmaster@nemetschek.net and he will discuss working something out. At this time we don't allow an open FTP site, but he is willing to begin working with everyone by having the files e-mailed to him and then he will upload to the website for download.


Brian O

Nemetschek North America

Technical Support Specialist

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The following is the message I sent to the web master, I think this could be a great thing, I'd like to see some input from other users on this as well


To Whom it may concern,

Brian O an administrator on the Nemetschek NA Tech Board told me to

contact you about setting up a location for users to trade textures on

the Nemetschek NA web site. I though as users we could simply submit VW

file with the textures in the resources palette. It would be nice to

see a preview before downloading if possible, and I think it would be

extremely useful to be able to request textures from other users,

So if I need a concrete texture I could post a request, another user

would respond and I suppose send the file to you and then you can post

it on the web site.

I don't know,

this could also expand into symbols, scripts, commands, hatches, or just

resources in general.

I've noticed recently that several other rendering software packages

have huge resources for sharing information on the internet (although

usually they are hosted by a 3rd party), and it seems VW has almost


For instance I was looking for 3D cars to use in my models and found

literally thousands, but they were all in 3D studio, Form Z, Archicad,

format. I found some in dxf format but the time necessary to take the

model apart and texture map the whole thing is too time consuming to

make it financially possible.

I know between all of the users of VW there is probably a huge library

of resources out there, and it would be great if Nemetschek NA could

host some type of forum to make these resources available. It would be

a huge service to VW users and could be incorporated into VW marketing

as an advantage to using VW.

Thank You for Your Time"

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For all who wish to participate, this is a growing entity. Please contact/send files to webmaster@nemetschek.net for future growth. He is gathering textures and will be posting them on the website soon. As I understand it, he is waiting for a "fair" number of textures to post.

For all those that have been assisted, I'm glad we could help, but remember, this was started by a user's idea brought to our attention.


Brian O

Nemetschek North America

Technical Support Specialist

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I would have liked to know in addtion if there are good websites to download images like nice cloudy skyes,people,cars,trees etc.

I will also write this as a sepparate request on this page.A good idea is also to learn from Art*lantis and produce a serias of CD's for libraries for sle by nemetschek-for variety of subjects like:trees,wood,carpets people,backgroubds etc.


Amir Gilad- amir_gilad@hotmail.com

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I am a VW9+Architect user with at least 2 years on VW8etc.(Renderworks soon I hope)

I to have built up a lot of symbols (people etc).

I'm sick to see a few people and company's trying to forward stuff for a cost.

I to would love to see some sort of trading post set up - i.e. you must contribute to get some new stuff, irrelevant of size or how good it is - at least the store is always being topped up with new stuff.

Are we not here to help or advise others and make all the other CAD systems look like poor cousins.

I have 30 odd well detailed 2D people to trade. (Trade for other symbols)

Drop me a line at abernethyr@xtra.co.nz


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Originally posted by CADD Nark:

i know the "trading post" is supposed to be in the works... has it progressed to reality yet??

i know i have several hundred image textures to contribute....

I'm up for it too. A place where we could all trade textures, scripts, symbols, hatches, worksheets and records, in short-everything.

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Howdy again -

I just received an email back from Patrick at VectorDepot. He said that he will create a 'Textures' section as soon as someone sends him one (some). I, for one, have never created my own, but would sure appreciate it if others more capable than I would send their custom textures to them. (vectordepot.com)

thanks -


d. s h a f f e r

a r c h i t e c t

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