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Graphic legend - symbols - "count" function

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Hi everyone,

I am using the new graphic legend tool for a booklet representing prefab facade elements of a building.

Any prefab element is a symbol (hybrid 3d/2d) with an attached record.

Within the graphic legend cell, I would like to insert a text (dynamic text of a graphic legend field) showing the overall amount (=count function) of each prefab element (=symbols).

It seems to me it is not possible to call the "count" function via dynamic text definition.

Any idea/suggestion on how to do that? (e.g. showing how many times the item shown in a graphic legend cell - in window reports / wall type reports / symbol reports / etc.- is used in the drawing/file and/or within the selected criteria).

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On 8/18/2023 at 6:57 PM, EJ Berendsen said:

Would it be possible that we can set a filter for the count (or for any function/graphic legend). So that it only counts the fixtures that are on a specific layer. As we can with Instrument schedule.


Kind regards,



Hello there is a filter by viewport 😉 i

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