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Simple Title block with Management plugin, unlocked

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Here is a titleblock manager that relies upon an instance of the title block being on a specified sheet. It uses the data you enter in that titleblock to fill in the blanks of all subsequent pages and it also uses the sheet name and number to populate two fields unique to each sheet. There is a manual revision counter that goes up to 94 and down to E. You can set a date that doesn't change on specific sheets. It requires you to toggle the revision or date function to update the date field to the current calendar date or any changes to sheet name etc. There is also a note option which is currently populated with finish options that can be changed to show other information by rewriting the pull-down data set in the plugin. You can also change the name of the default sheet that the manager looks for by changing the text stored in the plugin string data #3000. The default sheet's name and the string text must be identical. Only the first instance of the plugin on the default sheet will be recognized as the parent data set for all the other sheets. If the first is deleted the manager will look for another but failing that if no instance is present or no sheet exists with the specified name then the management script will not function. The script uses the term GRAST to identify the primary instance so that NAME will not be available to use for other items/objects.


Have fun.


TBDataManager.vso BasicTitleBlockSetup_4_TBManager.vwx

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I forgot to mention that the titleblock is just an ordinary autoscaling symbol. You can reorganize the elements and place new static elements. If you do not delete the existing linked text, these are elements that the manager maintains, but only move them around or change their characteristics you will not need to re-link the data fields to the text instances.

If I recall correctly the note option may not be fully embedded in the symbol. I added it much later in the script's development. The script will edit the default text's origin and move that text if the manual entry option gets too many characters; it shuffles left to accommodate as if it were right justified. That default origin I think I hard coded in the script giving you an opportunity improve upon my work. 😁 It shouldn't be too difficult to find and change. (Bad Larry, bad, cutting corners🙈)

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