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dimensions and crashing

Bea Greaves

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I've just upgraded to VW12 (Landmark/Renderworks) and am opening old VW11.5 files to work on (Mac OS 10.3).

I can't select dimensions - it's as though they're invisible to the pointer. If I draw a new dimension I can delete it if I don't deselect it but once I've deselected it I can't touch it.

Also some of the VW11.5 files won't open in VW12 - they start to open and then the program crashes.

Thanks for help! Bea

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Check that both your sheet view Class visibilities (from the Navigation pallet) and the Viewport Classes have the dimension class turned on. Sounds to me like the Viewport has dim ON but the current "view" has it turned off. You can see it but you can't select it.

Re the partial-opening files, I'd encourage you to post this on the main board. You'll get more eyes looking at it.

Good luck,

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