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Scanned image texture not reflecting


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I am working on a theatre with black curtains. If I set the curtains to a solid fill wih no texture, they show up in the picture as shaded objects, but look solid and plastic. I scanned some of the fabric that the curtains are made of (black velour) and turned that into a texture, but no matter how I set the reflectivity, they appear as solid black, which makes them basically vanish in the picture. I have spotlights focused on them, but they still only show up if no texture is applied. Thoughts?

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Easiest solution is to trick the procedure into creating the Black curtain look without actually using a saturated black color.

Afterall, Black is the absence of color ... so add some color like deep violet & red. Then, tweek the lites to add some blue. Think in terms of CMYK pantone mixing. Now getting the Velour to reflect properly ... that's translucent art & science... good luck.

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