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Hanging Position Hoist connection to Beam

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I am having some trouble connecting a truss (Converted to a hanging position) to a beam with a hoist.  


If I draw a truss 40' long (4 sections of 10' 12x12 truss Or any other truss) and convert it to a hanging position I can't seem to get a hoist to connect to both the truss and the beam.  I can attach to the truss OR the beam but not both.


The truss is placed below a rig beam, no bridles or anything fancy here, just beam to hoist to truss.


I think I am using the hoist/beam tools correctly.  If I place a single section of truss under the beam.  If I grab the hoist tool and hover inside the truss near the beam it will attach the hoist to both the beam and truss as I expect.  If I snap additional sections of truss on, it still works.


It seems to break only when I convert the truss to a hanging position. Is this a bug?

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