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How do we edit the new Path Modifier?

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Hoping someone from VW will take a look and help explain the editing of a path.


I've made my path modifier (which is very cool!) and created a landscape area by extracting the base polygon and using create objects from shape to create a LA on my "surfaces" layer

Everything is looking good - but now a couple days later I want to adjust the path a bit to better fit my design.




I first adjusted my LA thinking this would give me something to snap to when editing the path modifier.

Then I selected my path modifier and used the reshape tool to move the modifier points to correspond with the LA:


The LA actually didn't provide useful snapping points - every point was selecting as an 'endpoint' - so no point was useful.

I had been hoping I could snap modifier control points to LA control points.

Not going to happen.

But it did give me something visual to try and match - so that was nice...


Oddly as I moved the modifier polyline, the modifier PROFILE got all moved around.

As i slid the modifier control points, I expected the profile to move with them... but it shifted in almost the opposite directions.

It became shorter and curved the wrong way.


Here you can see the profile curving in the opposite direction and the end point moved "up hill" from its original and my final position:




So I tried the "edit profile" button

the reshape tool seems to ONLY move the control points in the "Z" direction.

I could not move them in either X or Y.




Her showing that the altered profile can move is Z .




Vector Works - PLEASE proving some webinars/videos as to how to work with this new tool.

It obviously can be edited, but without documentation it's close to useless.



I started another post HERE concerning the recommended path modifier workflow - but got no response.

.... except from @jpccrodrigues who also thought we should get some webinars for these new tools!



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Some error in the process, bug... The doubt is always in the back of our head... 

The last error that we found was that the site modifiers done with the sp1 maintain the errors, but creating the same site modifiers with the Sp2, no errors. To figure this out: 2 days... 


Seems like vectorworks launched the new workflow for the site model in a beta version and now is correcting the errors as they keep appearing. 

In the same year that perpetual licenses will be discontinued, having to live with a version with bugs, errors and erratic behaviors only creates doubts on our team. 


Seriously vectorworks, get this workflow cleared and launch some good webinars so we can get back on track with the site model tool. Until then, 2022 and a lot of doubts. 

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  • 4 months later...

There are two different ways to edit these - vertical and vertex points.

There is a good webinar in the university right now - just watched it yesterday so I'm not exactly clear enough on the process to explain.

They go into the path site modifiers pretty well.


both @Tamsin Slatter and @Katarina Ollikainen contribute and are very helpfull.


It's a recorded "Coffee Break" --- link here "COFFEE BREAK - SITE MODIFIER IMPROVEMENTS"


They also said they may do another on correct workflows for all the new site modifier tools which would be much appreciated.

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