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Tilt and turn woes


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I have noticed some issues with how tilt and turn (and other) windows describe the opening direction and handedness, getting window/door openings right usually requires some attention so it would be an advantage if this was working 100% out of the box.


1. As far as I can tell tilt and turn windows always open towards the inside IRL, however in the window plug-in settings they are displayed as opening towards the outside.


2. In the window plug-in settings the front view will be from the inside, however in the new graphic legend tool the front view is from the outside. I'm used to drawing window schedules from the outside so the graphic legend is correct IMHO, any way it should be consistent.


3. I'm also used to describe the handedness of the opening as the side with the hinges, when seen from the opening side (the inside for a tilt and turn window). There might be some cultural differences at play here, but to me the IFC-data opening direction is the opposite of what is displayed in the model. This also seems to be the case for all doors and window types I have looked at.


Possible workarounds:

1. Ignore the 3D opening, the windows display correctly as long as they are closed.

2. Flip the windows in the plan (to make them open inward), if necessary correct IFC-data manually.


Is there something I have missed here, or are these oversights from VW's side?




Window settings.png

Graphic legend.png

Default position in wall.png

Flipped window.png

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I've looked into this some more and the IFC-data seems to describe which side the opening (handle) is. Around here (Norway) it's common to describe windows/doors as left/right according to which side the hinge is, effectively the opposite of the IFC standard it seems.


With that said; defaulting tilt and turn windows to opening outwards, and reversing the front/back view between window creation and graphic legends is still a bit silly.

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The problem is that VW has never had an understanding of opening in/opening out. All we have is the crude "Flip" button in the object info palette. This is the root, if not the direct cause, of the issues you're identifying.


Sucks I know, but, on the bright side, this is a known issue and, even better, a solution is under active research. I think they may have even made some big changes to the wall object over the past year or two to enable the development of smarter window and door objects that will understand the concept of opening in/out and therefore handing left/right. Perhaps @Matt Panzer can correct me if I have any of that wrong.

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