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unknown and not easy to understand graphics problems in vectorworks. any idea?



One of my colleagues recently had this strange picture on his screen. What could it be?

It's Vectorworks 2022 SP5 (German), a MB Pro 16" 2019 with MacOS 10.15 with all updates. 16GB Ram, 8GB VRam.

The "problem" just occured once, a few days ago and it was visible on the MacBook screen and on the connected USB-C screen as well. Unfortunately it disappeared and after rebooting and didn't come back.

So, I guess it's either a videocard issue or some software problem (MacOS or Vectorworks?)

However I remember, that graphiccard problems look more likely like in the following two links. Right? (stripes, no triangles)





Did ever anybody see sth like this as well?




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I had something similar happen to me using Vw2023 recently. I had a bunch of shard-like polygons in varying colors shooting out of the center of my Vw model (2-story house). As I orbited around the model, the shards followed but changed as I moved, if I recall correctly. I neglected to take a picture or screenshot. 

Fortunately a restart of both my Mac and Vw fixed the problem and I haven’t had it happen again.


On an old MacBook Pro I did experience the GPU problems described in those links you posted, but that was a long time ago and the ‘shards’ I saw using Vw2023 didn’t seem like that GPU issue.

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36 minutes ago, zoomer said:

Is your geometry far from file origin ?

(or any lost objects far away ?)


If not, this looks very frighting ....


Nope that was never an issue.


Simply restarting Vectorworks fixed it in each case.


It's almost like Vectorworks would simply get tired after working for a while, and just needed a quick nap (restart) to get back on track.

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On 12/6/2022 at 12:01 PM, Andy Broomell said:

It's almost like Vectorworks would simply get tired after working for a while, and just needed a quick nap (restart) to get back on track.


Apparently my Mac gets tired of working very frequently — as I've been getting the graphic 'shards' in my 3d model just about every day. (That is, when my VWX file isn't too busy otherwise losing all window / door openings). 

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I repaired my Vw2023 SP1 installation yesterday using the Vw installer, hoping that it would keep the 'shards' at bay – but they came back this afternoon. The installer said it repaired 139 files.


This time the 'shards' are centered around an Interior Elevation Marker, and they even show up in a 2D Top / Plan view. If you zoom in, they disappear, but zoom back out and they reappear. You can even see that the fill in the Interior Elevation Marker arrows flicker in and out.


Very strange.

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duplicated videos.
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