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Finding objects during report creation.

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I'm trying to find basic entities such as Square 3d HSS which are incorporated into assemblies on a primary modelling layer.

Basically to extract the standard size of the piece and its length and determine the number of times that part is used throughout all the assemblies present on the primary modelling layer.


The trouble I am encountering is when an HSS is within a symbol because it is a frequently used part in all the assemblies present. The create report tool doesn't report any of the materials used within those symbolized parts.  The assemblies themselves are symbols so that they can be presented individually on other layers as well as the primary modelling layer.


Any thoughts on how the reporting function can be set to delve into the symbols embedded into the parent symbols?

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VW2023 added a number of additional functions to worksheets that might make it possible to do what you want.


If you are stuck in VW2013/2019, you are probably out of luck.


If you can limit the number of parts your need specified, you could create a script that would look at each symbol definition and plug the number of each part into a Record.Field for that part.  But that script and the record format will probably have to be modified every time you add a different shape.


Can you post a small file showing a couple of the types of assemblies you are trying to report on so we know exactly how you are doing this?  Also, do you end up with cases where there are multiple levels of these nested symbols? Beyond the two you already described?

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At this point we do our best not to embed objects into more than one sub-assembly.

We take an HSS cut some holes in it and then add the components onto the steel. That becomes a symbol and each component is created as a symbol. Occasionally the hss assembly is used in multiple constructions which need to be grouped or contained within another symbol level. But the reality is that the KISS principal is a strong influence when we inevitably need to adjust these complex structures to suit the measurements that come back from the build site. The symbols help maintain continuity between the object as it is portrayed in the building model with the same object that laid out on another design sheet in a way that it can be presented easily for the shop to understand and build it.

I'm currently using VW2022 with its glitchy image regeneration issues.

Sounds like I should get that upgrade done sooner rather than later, especially considering that they report there are improvement to the structural tools in VW2023.

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