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Alert if operation (node) successful


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Hey there,


I often struggle with -I guess most of you do it with ease- the basic dataflow stuff.

I am fmailiar with the 'user interaction' nodes but in this case I have no idea how to deal with it:
I simply want to chek if my 'loft surface' node did create a solid shape. If not I want to show an 'altert inform'.

It seems that there is data (data passing) even is there is no result (no visible/ resulting solid 3D geometry)


Any advice?

I am sure that you can help me with that, as you always do! Thanks in advance!

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  • Marionette Maven

I would use a Valve node to suppress the display of the dialog. You may need to modify this a little (possibly a pop front node, or just comparing the first value in the outputs of Loft Surface)
I'm not positive without creating a full-fledged test file, but I believe the "Int" node should be set to 113 (for surfaces)




Let me know if this doesn't work/if you need more guidance.

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