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Window object render/re-render

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When I assign class values to a plug-in object and a RW texture to a class (i.e. class 'Style-Glazing-1' with a RW 'Glass Blue 2' texture) I would expect that the window renders correctly in a Custom or Final RenderWorks view. This, however is not the case. I found I must go back, layer by layer and select each window plug-in object and reclassify the Glazing field to 'None', allow it to re-render and change it back to 'Style-Glazing-1', allowing it to re-render before it will properly take. This is very, very, very, very poor and time comsuming! Isn't is supposed to work bettter than this?


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FYI, next time when you create a Window PIO make it into a hybrid symbol then insert the symbol into walls. Anytime you need to change attributes just edit the window as a symbol and viola every window instance of that symbol is miraculously transformed regardless of how many and on which layers they may reside. This is part of the 'fundamental-functional' power of Vectorworks not to be over looked.

And as design version changes occur, the same window symbol can be morphed with transoms , etc.( make sure you print to PDF all those version sheets ; )

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I fully understand the PIO-to-hybrid-symbol process. However, in the case of Schematic Design of custom modern residences, many times we are moving quickly to place openings of various sizes in many locations (excellent application of the PIO) without establishing any regular system that the symbol process works better at. These opening must remain flexible in their parametrtic features from each other for our needs in the SD and DD process. I feel the issue I'm running into is more a program/processing dilemna than a end user habit.

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