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"lack of memory" rendering

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Simple question:

I set up a batch render for an overnight rendering job. When I came back in the morning, a message on the screen reads "Could not export file due to lack of memory." Granted, it's a huge model that has two entire buildings glommed together on one file, but I'm working off a dual 2.2ghz processor with a gig of ram.

Is my computer telling the truth? Or is it just a big lazy lier like my ex-girlfriend?


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The Render process requires both RAM & virtual memory for the spool file(s). Perhaps the virtual partition is too small.Usually you need at least 3-5x the file size ! Since the processor(s) can only render line by line and not the entire image, 1-2gb RAM is more than adequate depending on DPI of final image ( use Activity Monitor to show the processor/memory stats during render ).

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Yes, I think it's telling the truth - and I've had the same experience. From my understanding, the computer needs a lot more memory to render than just the size of the file.

Try decreasing your export or sheet resolution.

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Sometimes when I do batch renderings, some of the output jpegs are cropped with a white 'frame', which is a real pain...

Gov, I think you may want to consider which objects are clearly visible in the renderings, and which are not. I often have two versions of the same symbol objects - one for the foreground and one for the backround. It gives you the option to economize with the memory.

By creating a couple of extra classes, you can also hide away a lot of surplus objects, that are not visible in the individual rendering.

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