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Report adressing cells - data from one report to another

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Is it possible and if possible, How to adress a data cell from one report to another?
I want to make a irrigation joints report (which are not present in Vectorworks) useing simple maths. The thing is that I have to receive a data from other different reports.

ex. Number of tee joint (for sprinklers only) should be =number of sprinklers- number of watering sections/zones ex. 12 sprinklers & 2 sections/zones -> 12-2=10 tee joints


I want to receive a number of sprinklers from Irrigation Outlet Schedule. Is it possible to do it in similar to Excel way?
='[filename.xlsx]sheet name'!$column_no$row_no

underlined text could have different values

Maybe @Pat Stanford has some ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank You for Your rapid advice!
Let me ask You another and last question for today.
How to improve image quality while putting it into report with =image(s='my_2d_symbol') formula?
It works only when Cell Format>Image>Type>miniature     *I don' know if I translated functions properly (I'm using Polish version).

Type>2D attributes/properties is not working, it returns 0 (ZERO) into the cell
miniature resolution and quality is not good enough...


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Dear @Pat Stanford border works fine so as addressing formula, but I do have some problems SOMETIMES with =image(s='my symbol') when I'm using it for the firs time in a new report/schedule for the first time it works well, but if I'm trying to add a column on the left of the column with =image(...) formula cell it moves to the right (column F becomes to be G) the image of a symbol disappears (formula and cell formatting remain the same).


It happens sometimes or rather most of the time and does not see any rule or regularity why it happens...

Bellow images that describes the problem:




Do You have any solution for this problem??

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I don't think you can use the Image Function (Or any function) with a separate criteria in a database row. The criteria for Image (and area, volume, Xposition, etc.) all come from the criteria of the database row.


I think you could put the =Image(S='XXX') into a Spreadsheet cell and then reference that in the database with a standard cell formula (=E1) But I don't think you will get the other way to work.

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