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Vectorworks - Lumion or Twin Motion

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We have been using Lumion for two years but the new subscription costs are just horrible.  When choosing a renderer I originally wanted to go with twinmotion, and my team spent a few months playinga round with both.  The consenses was that Lumion was quicker in learning and rendering and also had a huge added advantage of been able to create billboards that always faced the front/viewer, and that the renders looked more realistic.  We are on windows.


I had a member of my team look at this about 12 months ago again and they reported the same feedback.


I am wanting to look at this again now that Lumion has confirmed they will no longer be offering perpetual liscences - and at $300 a month per liscence or over $2000 per liscence to upgarde to the last perpetual liscence verison  it will kill me to ahve to pay for it - we don't have that many Clients who ask us to render.


I am wondering if there are any users on here who have used both Lumion Pro and Twin motion and what their feedback has been - specifically on the following:

1.  Ability to create 3D objects that always face the front.

2.  Ease of use/learning

3.  Hardware Upgardes/Requirements

4. Australian useful items - ie/vegetation, cars

5.  Can you import VIZpark or similar high quality trees

6.  Support and general communication.



For those interested the Laubwerk vegetation does not render in Lumion.

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I used Twinmotion early on & just didn't like either the workflow or the results. However, much of that was down to personal preference- lack of knowledge & I expect the software has matured a lot in 4 years or so.

I really enjoy using Lumion. It's a little quirky & takes itself a little too seriously but it's a lot of fun to use and compelling results can be so so quick to produce.


Laubwerk trees are rendering for me - complete with precipitation blocking. Be sure you run LiveSync in a 3d view so it's not linking the 2d component of the LW object.

Here's an example. Forgive the many (3+) seasonal anomalies. Chestnut on the right is Labuwerk LiveSynced from VW. Rendered in 6s.


Wow $300/mo is mad. Here in the US it's currently $108




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Enscape, I have been using it for over a year, not perfect but it is constantly improving costs very little and wage quality is pretty good.  I used to use VRay  which a very high quality renderer which by the way bought enscape so I expect enscape to be top quality in the near future.

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Gosh thats expensive for program. We use Twin Motion, easy so to use and inexpensive for a perpetual licence Paid half price for perpetual at around 450 Aus$ currently its $790 Aus for a perpetual with all upgrades. Amazing program simple to use and present in VR. Cant fault it, you need a state of the art computer to run it efficiently at high resolution. Vectorwork works well by either using C4d or datasmith.

Its base off the Epic gaming engine so everything is amazing and you can provide clients with a link to see their presentation in in 3d on their ipads with a simple link and uses google and no special program. Try it out for free, cant go wrong.

By the way i don't sell it just a user who loves it and so do the clients.

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