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Data tags - ability to choose "insertion point" or "center" for auto placement.

hollister design Studio


I would like the ability to choose "insertion point" or "center" for auto placement.

As it is a data tag seems to attach to the center of the object (when using the "all eligible object mode" at least).



It would be nice to have a setting to snap to center of object OR snap to insertion point - especially with grouped objects, like multiple plants combined into a single plant object.


Currently with grouped plant objects I have to repoint EVERY data tag to the proper place.



Screen grab showing auto-placement and current insertion point:





I don't see an option for this on any of the data tag style tabs - but it does seem like it should be on the "auto placement" tab.




In all honesty I would like to have the ability to auto select the start or end of the grouped plant object - but that's a completely different wish.

grouped plants need some tweaking...



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@Mark Aceto I use the "all eligible objects" mode to propagate my plant callouts - I then rearrange as needed.

I like that mode as it's "one click" to get everything tagged.


"All eligible objects" auto select:



'One click':


My issue is that for every group object (the red boxes above) the leader line doesn't go to the start or end of the group, but to the center of the group.

See that group of 11 grasses at the upper left corner.



 "Align/distribute leader lines":


This process would be SO much quicker if the tool allowed the choice of "center", "insert point", or start/end of poly line.



I believe most graphic standards (at least here in america) require the leader to be connected to the end of a plant grouping for clarity, as opposed to the center.

I know ours does at least!



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