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2021 Vectorworks Professional Architect Perpetual License for Sale

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Hi folks,

It is with no particular sadness that I am offering my unused license for VW for sale; I bought this to upgrade my old VW license as the pandemic ramped up and my clients went out of business. That’s the breaks of a small commercial-focused practice! I’ve (mostly, there are still two pesky projects shambling along) transitioned from architecture to journalism. My career change, your gain!

I spoke with my rep at VW yesterday and she let me know that she can handle the transfer herself. She’s been very nice and very persistent with me. BUT, she stressed, if a buyer wants to re-up the service select subscription I have (at the buyer’s cost above and beyond the sale of the software) it must be done before the end of the year — VW will be discontinuing this option for secondary owners. I am not sure but you may be able to hang on to what’s left of service select that remains; that’s a question for Katy.


So, get a hold of me soon; both to buy VW at a discount and to activate your own service select subscription. Katy at VW is very nice and super capable and will set you up. I’m not sure if it’s kosher to put an email address here but my work address is already available online so here it is: complaints at tiny shocks dot com all run together in the usual email way. And the cost:


2021 Vectorworks Professional Architect Perpetual License for $2,700.00US, buyer covers any transfer fees


Thanks so much,

J. Matt


PS: I promise also to check in here at least daily.

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How about $2,000 for my 2021 Professional Architect License (full name per the invoice), Iʻm out of my depth in the second-hand software market. Really selling anything, to be absolutely honest. $3,300 for Architect 2022. And service select sign-up opportunities are over at the end of this month on secondhand licenses, according my the rep who has been great, if that is of interest to you. Thanks! 

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