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Importing specific Layer from multiple .vwx-files in one go


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I'm trying to find a way to import a specific Design Layer from multiple .vwx-files into my working file. The Design Layer has the same name in all the imported files. It's possible to do one file at the time through the "Navigation - Viewport" pane but this is tedius if you need to do it 20 times. Is there a easy way to automate this?


Thankfull for all the halp I can get

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No way that I can think of to do this. As far are I know, Layer Import is only available through the New Layer dialog box. I don't think it is scriptable.


If you are on a Mac, then it might be possible to use an AppleScript to open both files and effectively do a Copy/Paste between the files or maybe to "drive" the dialog, but my guess is it would be relatively fragile.


Is this a one time need or is this something ongoing in your workflow?

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