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pile of crumbled up soft tissue paper

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Take a look at SubDivisions - with a few Splits, drags, creases here & there and you'll quickly have something you can texture duplicate, rotate and tweak a few times.

You can then convert this to a Symbol and even

Create a Surface Array across a Nurbs Surface using this Symbol or a few slight variations of them.


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Strata used to have a number of functions to explode and particularize. Probably not something VWX users are generally looking for. Unless they are clearing land in Vegas.


If those functions, our Strata for that matter, still exist, I have no idea. I also don't know if they can be exported to something importable. Or how much geometry that might be.

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I actually tried to achieve it with texture only but you still need to build a geometry that resembles a pile of tissue paper. And even this was not very convincing. At least not the way I did it. I'm not super advanced with textures. I suppose C4D is much better for texture.


So I wonder whether @bcd 's suggestion is doable. I will try it. For my design (stage design) it is quite important that I come close to reality.


@bcdHow would I do this: "Create a Surface Array across a Nurbs Surface"


@Tom W. How can I apply these texture onto geometry? Do these have more of a relief? Would you build a terain like geometry as a base?


I want to stay in Vectorworks or potentially Blender and then import to VW as I need the option to create groundplans and technical drawings. Never used Rhino or Cinema 4d.


Thank you all!

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