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can't render scene - program freezing


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Last week I made a 3D museum gallery and even though it rendered a little slow, it rendered fine. (I had to use Custom Renderworks and increase the ray tracing to 16 because I had so much glass.) Now this week with the exact same file, nothing changed or added, it completely freezes a 1/3 of the way down (right where the glass is) when I use Custom Renderworks. The whole thing stops and if I push "ESC" I have to force quit the program (using a Mac). Final Quality Renderworks is working good, but after the first few passes of glass, the glass starts looking solid so I cannot use this render for presentation.

Any suggestions? We are having extremely hot and humid weather right now and our other computer and plotter is having problems and the whole office having power flickers - is it possible this is the problem?


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Living in the U.S. Virgin Islands qualifies me as an expert on power outages, surges, and fluxuations which aslo makes me an expert on hot & humid offices caused by poorly performing and damaged HVAC systems.

Yes, the heat & humidity have a profound effect on the processor especially during intensive rendering. Power spikes will also damage the file/ memory structure. I have a processor Temperature gauge utility installed so that I can watch as the core begins meltdown.

The G5 will shut down if it gets too hot.

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