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Slightly embarrassing question about the dimension tool


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I cannot find a way to change the default text style for the dimension tools anywhere. I'm sure it's something obvious for such a normal operation but yeah... I'm having trouble. Changing the default text style for text boxes is very simple, but it must be something else for the dimension tools.


I've been simply selecting them and changing them in the object info pallet for years, but when thinking about the number of hours I've spent messing around with them after the bigger boxes pop up and cover all sorts of things up... I thought I'd bite the bullet and ask...

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There are three ways to do this.


Dimension objects will inherit the default Global Text Style as set in the Text Menu, however there are 2 further routes you could take.

  1. Add a specific Text Style to the Dimension Class and set this to "Always use".
  2. If you are using Custom Dimension Standards, then go to the Dimensions Standards dialog and set a specific Text Style for each Dimension Standard you are using.


Hope that helps.

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