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Creating plant lists for different zones / border areas (garden design)


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I'm sure I've seen this topic raised before so apologies, I can't find the thread.


Q. Is it possible to produce a mini plant list specific to separate setting out drawings for different borders?


I have a planting scheme for a front and back garden over various terraced borders.  I have created a plant schedule for the whole project and dumped this on the main overall planting design sheet.  I have used different planting layers for >Trees >Shrubs >Perennials so that I can switch these on and off for planting in different phases and produce a setting out plan separately as such.


I have produced a series of setting out drawings on A3 for different borders, and thought it would be a good idea to produce a mini schedule / plant list on each of these drawings summarising the plants for these areas (will also help when plants arrive so that the plants can be taken to the various zones).  Is this possible? without having to create lots of additional layers/classes for different border areas?  Was thinking of somehow selecting plants in that viewport and trying to create a list of plants from that selection?  But not sure how to do.


Many thanks in advance

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There are several ways to do this and many threads here on the forum about it.  Search for “plant criteria “ and authors like me or Pat Stanford for some examples.


You have to use a method to identify the unique circumstance you want the plant list to report, typically different design layers.


However, in your case, using polygon areas, placing plants on a container class, or attaching a record to the plants which describes the “zone” the plant belongs to is probably the easiest.  You then create a special planting list for the “zones” using database criteria to filter the results based upon the method you have chosen to use to identify members of the zone.




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