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Slab Edge offsets

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I have a slab with a hole in the middle. I can control the component offsets to the outer perimeter edges but not to the internal edges around the hole.. Is there a way of addressing this or do I need to make 4 seperate slabs to get this level of control?


slab edge offsets.jpg

slab edge offsets 2.jpg

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You can use Clip Surface in Top/Plan to clip the desired component/s to the required offset. So use Edge Offsets to achieve the offsets around the perimeter then Clip Surface to create the offsets in the hole.


Or Add/Subtract 3D Object from Slab to do the same but Clip Surface probably easier.


Or you could like you say create separate Slabs + use Edge Offsets all the way around but you can do it using two Slabs rather than four...

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