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Is Hidden Line Rendering Working Properly in 2023 SP2?

Ned Flanders


When walls on separate layers are aligned and using the same surface hatch, rendering in hidden line in 2023 SP3 displays the line at the top/bottom of the respective walls between layers.


  • Nvidia is set at the default GPU
  • Testing in a new, blank file in 2023 SP2 yielded the same results
  • Works as designed in 2022 SP5
  • Works as designed in 2023 SP1
  • NVIDA GPU Drivers up to date
  • Windows updates are up to date


PS. Thanks for adding the ALT+Click > 'Change Version' to the Updater allowing me to roll back my version and keep working on SP1.


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No. I don't think Hidden Line is working properly in Vw2023 SP2, I found the exact same thing you discovered. I posted a similar question in this thread over HERE. I also filed a VSS Support Request, but I have yet to hear back.


I also rolled back to SP1 this morning. Note that I am on macOS, so it is not just Windows that is affected by this bug in SP2.

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