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lines in rw

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Originally posted by michael john williams:

Press crtl and D keys at the same time in windows to create a duplicate. [/QB]

Yes that's the one everybody knows because its on the menu, but the mouse click method I found some users did not know about, so thought it worth a mention.

Personally I find it quicker mostly because I've always done it that way, and I've always got one hand on the mouse most of the time whilst using VW.

I do love the greater range of keyboard shortcuts since the move from Version 8 to 10.5 and 11.5. I use Duplicate Array alot and now just doing crtl, alt, D (Windows)is way easier than the old method.

I found on the Apple in the office I need to hold shift as well, otherwise all it does is make the Dock disappear!

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Alanmac points out the fact that OSX has numerous keyboard short-cuts that will null those of VW unless the shift key is added to Dup Array and the Workspaces editor updated to accept the new combinations. Via OSX Preferences the keyboard commands can be turned off &/or changed... also check out the Universal Access instant zoom.

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Back to the lines and RW technique. I tried, with success, the viewport method, mentioned above, and then got to thinking and did this:

In a design layer set up a perspective, select all and use Convert Copy to Lines. Use Sketch mode, or Doodle if you want on the result. Doodle is portable, as is Convert Copy to Lines; Sketch is not.

Use the Render Bitmap tool to provide the rendered image you want.

Overlay the line drawing on the bitmapped rendering and group them.

Now you have a "portable" rendering if you didn't use Sketch, and didnt use a viewport. You can move your rendering to another file, save it as a standalone file, export it as an image file, or whatever.

Thank you, Delmer, for the original suggestion. The result is supurb either way.

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