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Drawing a building from plans


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Put each floor on a separate layer and set up the Layer Heights so they stack properly.


Based on your question, you probably want to spend a couple of hours at Vectorworks Universtiy learning the basics before you jump in. It will save you time and aggravation in the long run.




Search for Building, Classes, Beginner. and look at at least "The Basics".  You may also want to look at "Stripped" and if this is more that a side hobby, "Core Concepts", but that will take longer to get through.


Although, I think those are all designed for more recent versions than 2019.  The concepts are the same, but the interface if probably different.

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I would exactly recommend as Pat said.


When you are more familiar you may want to finally setup

a VW Stories and Level System and control your BIM Object's

Stiles for each Component separately by Level Z assignments. 


But for now, just set Layer Heights.

And also look for tutorials how to create 3D Models from/over

2D Drawings. Or how to refine 3D from starting withVolume Models

or preliminary designs. VW is pretty comfortable doing this.

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