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problem making white walls


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Hello Tasfire:

Try increasing the layer ambient brightness: View->Lighting->Set Layer Ambient. The default value is 35%.

Also, you can add directional lights aiming up/down/front/back/left/right that don't cast shadows if you want the model to be brighter.

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Hello, I am trying to make an interior view of my company's new office and the walls needs to be white or very very light gray. I have had this problem for a long time with a variety of different projects. Even if I make the walls pure white, they look very gray when rendered. I have tried messing around with adding reflectivity but it doesn't help at all. Does anyone know how to make white look white??


I DO have lights in the scene and the walls are still gray even with direct light on them.

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Surprisingly, white is very difficult to model convincingly. I've tried numerous techniques from the simple white texture to more complex combinations of textures, bumps, and lighting.

The human visual system is very sensitive to the slightest changes / nuances of white tones. Viewing white on displays with different gamma/contrast & printing to bright white paper complicates the problem to no end. Increasing the ambient lighting also serves to wash out and blunt the contrast for the entire image.

The White Wall Theorum requires that all white walls shall be perceived as a tonal gradient which appears to be a variant of pure white. Go figure ...

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