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I would try to filter “Materials”.


This method would also be handy if you use different materials for different phases.

Each “Material” for: new, demolition, …


So you can visualize many component phases in just one wall. 


You can perfectly filter Materials and it works also perfect in Section-Cuts.


It should be clear, that the Brick component is load-bearing,

only the Brick Component will be colored, but if you want to have

the whole wall colored, Pat's solution is working.


Greetings from Germany


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I tried some more last night and I don't think you can do it for the example wall you provided.  


The Structural Component is a Composite Material. The "fill" is a Tile attached to a Simple Material.  I don't think there is a way to change the attributes of a tile using DataViz.


Hopefully someone will show us I am wrong and how to do it.



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