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Symbol crashing Renderworks

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I have a file, 128 MB with a 3500 sq. ft home with all the plants, trees and overall landscaping (though against landscaping in RW, I was overturned.) I added 2, 4 MB porch light symbols and now when Renderworks gets to the porch lights it crashs, but only when rendered at a high quality and only when the whole file is rendered. I can render the porch light with just the home, or the home and landscaping without the lights. I've dumbed down the symbols considerably cutting their size roughly in half, but still no luck.

Any Ideas?


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SacSurfin- As an ex-big wave switchfoot surfer , I suggest that the light object may or not be the offender. If you have OSX check the Console Log file. You may have an incompatible legacy PIO somewhere in the file. I ran up against a somewhat similar problem last month and eventually tracked it to the Table& Chair PIO which was kernel panicing during OpenGL NURBS rendering.

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Hey Guys,

I'm having the same problem, but my file is 406MB and just under 10,000sqft with landscape. The program crashes at the end of the geometry part and sometimes it will render half way then stop like it has finished. I've tried purging the file, changing the symbols so their not so complex, but it still crashes. If anyone can help that will be great...I'll try anything!

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Rendering is a very sensitive process... and one of the best ways to really de-bug a file. if there is anything out of context, the render engine will find it and simply stop ! This is the way original postscript used to work and kill the print job.

I suggest that everyone read the Povray Tutorial for an excellent explanation of a few of the issues involved



Then there's the prime directive for VW code > KISS < ; )

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