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sleeping on the job


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Did a quick search and didn't find this in previous threads (it's probably there but...)

So I'm saving the "move along path" full render movie on my painfully slow old G4 500mhz workhorse (151 frames of movie) using 11.5.1 on system 10.3.9. I'd saved a whopping 15 frames by the end of the day yesterday and left said workhorse on for the night. I arrived this morning to find that during the night I'd progressed to 18 frames... oh joy. I'm up to 20 frames after 1.5 hours in the office. Yippie.... now when I leave this evening- how do I get poor Mr. Harddrive to stay up all night and keep working?



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It should keep on chugging away as long as your system preferences aren't set to go to sleep or run maintenance after some time of unuse. Make sure that EVERYTHING that isn't necessary is shut down (all your other programs, email, etc) to let VW have as much processing and ram as it can get.

Other than that, it's really up to your processors.

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During the Render operation open 'Activity Monitor' > show all processes. This will tell you what is happening and whether or not VW is hanging ... What kind of movie are you making anyway ? Normally, an average QT zips along in realtime. Perhaps, you need to check your resolutions and frame size and key frame rate as well. Who will view the movie and how will they access it?

What is the anticipated final rendered file size?

Remember the PIXAR Lamp intro clip... that took days to render back in the '80's.

Never process more pixels than you will absolutely need. It's both an art & a science.

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