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New classes disappear from existing viewports


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I have customers that, annoyingly, send me jigsaw pieces of their product.


I will re-draw these pieces on design layers and then create viewports of each piece so I can arrange them and fit them together to see what it looks like completed.


Next I will add a class to each of the components for parts lists. The reason for the completed viewport view is so I can add classes in some sort of regular alpha-numeric flow (eg. left to right).


However, after adding classes, it seems that the default for the viewport class list is "Invisible".


I was wondering if there was an option to default "Visible" instead of default "Invisible".


Maybe this is a fault that needs to be corrected by VW??

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When you make a new class, make sure to take a look at these two dropdowns which determine the visibility of the new class.




That being said, this dropdown defaults to Invisible (at least at the beginning of each Vectorworks session?), and I too wish it defaulted to Visible.


On a related topic... when you copy and paste objects into a file, any classes that are brought along default to being invisible in existing Saved Views and Viewports. There's no setting or warning about this. You have to manually go fix it by right clicking the class in the Nav palette and choosing Visibilities. I wish this operation also defaulted to Visible.

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If you go through the trouble to name your viewports something understandable you can retroactively adjust this quickly using the organization dialog and switching over to the visibilities pane.  But if you are not naming your viewports it's pretty much alphabet soup.  Along with Andy's suggestion of setting defaults, I really wish VW would let you set up naming tokens like you can for exported pdfs.  Mine would be : "Sheet Number"_"Sheet Name"_"Dwg Number"_Dwg Name" 

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