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rendering arched windows


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I tried to render a number of windows with a segmented top shape, but the rendering would not show up. Rendering with open gl seemed to work fine and information like number of horizontal lites and devided lites etc were all visible. But when I rendered with renderworks, the entire window was blocked out as if the window was just extruded as a simple solid shape. None of the window openings or devided lites were rendered. The same thing happened when I set the window top shape to round. But rendering with a square or sloped top shape was fine with renderworks.

please help.

thanks in advance

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I did try assigning the style glazing a texture as well. Originally I just had that class off. But that still didn't work. I have rendered the arched window many different times trying to figure out what might cause this and I have narrowed it down to two options in the Object Info Pallette; one, is the offset in wall option, and two is the "use wall depth" for the jamb size. Since the window in question is in a brick wall, both of these options are used. When I set the jamb to the wall depth and then set the offset to zero, then it renders fine with renderworks. Very odd! And I can not do that because it is not correct visually, I need that jamb to be less than the wall thickness and then offset to get the look of a window in a brick wall.

I have a call in with Katie, the tech support specialist, and she said its a new bug with version 11.5. She's going to have the software engineers look at it. We'll see what happens.

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Please update us when you hear anything. I'm having the same issue with round top windows in an animated walkthrough I'm doing, and it's more than aggravating. If it were simply a set of stills, I could fake in the interior in Photoshop, but with an animation that's not an option.

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I haven't heard anything as of late but Delmer posted a very good suggestion as a temporary workaround this bug. What I did was created the arched cased opening (using the door tool) with no trim, no jamb etc...and used the wall depth to set the jamb depth. then I created it as a symbol, and then placed my arched window within the cased opening inside the symbol. that way if you need to move the window around within the wall that it is in you can do it realativly easy. That also gave me the offset that I needed to get the look of a window in a brick wall.

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