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Convert nurbs curve to nurbs surface


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Hello everyone


At the moment I know the 3D model nurbs commands.

I have created many nurbs curves with Marionette and I want to convert them to nurbs surfaces with Marionette.


I think that the curves would have to be closed first.


Which node do I have to use?
Maybe there is a combination of different nodes?


Thank you for your help.

Have a nice day



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Not sure how relevant to Marrionette, but check out vwx Help for Surface from Curves. There are conditions for success involving number of crossings and number of resulting divisions. Kind of arcane, but them’s the rules. As Pat suggests, Loft of one type or another can often work if Surface from Curves fails. 


Also, fun fact: NURBS curves are never closed in the way that a Polygon is closed. Start and end points may be coincident, but can always be moved apart to demonstrate non closure. 

I have not tried Loft with Marionette. Can it pick, in correct order, a sequence of “ribs”, and at each rib choose the desired vertex? That would be really cool! 


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Currently the Surface from Curves node can only be used in a Marionette Menu Command. I haven't figured out a way to allow input of curve handles, as the function requires the curves be selected, and Marionette does not allow you to act upon selected objects when not in Menu Command form.


What's your final goal with this? What do you plan to do with the surfaces? There may be a way to bypass that step.

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6 hours ago, Marissa Farrell said:




1. I use the nurbs surfaces to be able to arrange a path.
2. The path spreads over the entire area.
3. The position values xyz / abc can be read out in the path.


I master each of the three positions mentioned above as a single element with a marionette.
At the moment I have to select each nurb surface individually, generate the path and then read out the position values.
Now I want to connect the three elements.
Ultimately, it is about creating a consistent automatism.

At the moment I think that I can read the modification points from the individual nurbs curves and then create a nurbs surface. Marionette's list calculation will be useful for this. Unfortunately, this is a detour.


Thank you for the many responses and the interest you have shown.



My text was translated in Google...


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