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Jagged renderings with multiple transparencies

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I recently did a rendering that had several walls covered in a semi permeable material (sharkstooth scrim). the rendering from some angles that looked through several of these walls produced jagged black areas that looked like the processor or graphics card gave up there. I'm running a dual 1.8 G5 processor with apple CinemaHD displays.

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After studying your unique design and awesome rendering style, I've come to the conclusion that a 'background' process may have interrupted the I/O memory cache during the 'batch' rendering. Note there are both light & dark pixellations which are not random but clustered during specific events.

Use Activity Monitor > Show Processes > Info and check to see if there are any hangs, etc.

Rendering is horiz. line by line Upper Left to Upper Right.

Also consider using TechTools X which came with your system to check the Cache RAM & VRAM...

If all checks ...

then I suggest > decompose the file and check each texture & image components individually against both black & white backgrounds. ouch !

Good luck and enjoy the ride...your work is inspiring ; )


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