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a fake white material

Mat Caird

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What do you mean by white "material" Mat?

How would the material you want differ from just giving the objects a pale grey fill? Or a pale grey plain colour texture (if you have RW) for that matter?


it just occured to me; by "material" do you mean Fabric?

If so, try a Tread Plate shader set very fine with object attribute colour.


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Hi Nicolas

I was trying to render a joinery unit with black top and white Melamine sides. I want the shadows to fall onto a white background, so the when printed, the shadows would appear to fall on the paper.

The problem was, using lights to create the shadows nicely resulted in the sides of the unit coming out quite grey. My clients wouldn't understand this.

If I had used cinema4d, I would have loaded a white color into the luminance channel, then got pure white.

I was kind of hoping for a similar solution.

Thanks for your time.


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Hi Mat,

assuming you have a nice white floor to cast shadows on; if you place a light on the shadow side of the unit with Shadow Casting turned off, you will reduce the amount of grey on the shadowed sides of the melamine. I dont have RW on the machine I'm at so that's all I can think of at the minute.



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