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Sketch not working with hidden line rendering


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I have recently installed VW 11.5 and have begun experimenting with Sketch. I have also viewed the online tutorial video about sketch. The video illustrates creating a Sketch view in wireframe and with Hidden Line rendering. I can create a wireframe sketch, but as soon as I select Hidden Line rendering, the image loses the sketch look and becomes a standard hidden line image.

I can create a hidden line sketch of a viewport, but I cannot create a hidden line sketch of an object on a design layer. I have also tried this on my laptop with no luck.

Am I missing something?

Dual 2 ghz G5 250mb drive.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Sketch is a separate option for hidden line rendering. To sketch the results of HLR, select the Line Render Options... menu item and check the appropriate box.

Likewise, viewports using HLR each can be sketched or unsketched, with individual sketch settings for each viewport.

You don't really have a tiny 250 MB hard drive with a Dual 2GHz G5, do you?

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