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Affinity V2 - great companion for Vectorworks

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19 hours ago, jeff prince said:

I’m going to sound like a salesperson here, but I think this is super helpful for our professional community.

Affinity V2 dropped.  You can get all their Adobe killers for both the iPad and your computer for $99 total, perpetual, no subscription.




This is my go to software for cutting out plants on the iPad for making image props and developing textures.  Plus, it’s my preferred tool for photo editing, digital painting, board/book production, and dabbling in vector artwork.  Now it can read .dwg and deal with scale too!


I’m looking forward to exploring that last feature and seeing if it has workflow advantages for illustrative plans.

Does Affinity V2 open Adobe Ai documents? All my clients deal in Adobe CS documents. It’s the standard in the package/product design business. Ever since they allowed Adobe to buy up Aldus, Adobe has dominated the design business.

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It's a great program. Now with V2 publisher finally can handle the big complex pdf we make with Vectorworks. Unfortunately the file size becomes way bigger than with InDesign. Also the lach of export to IDML/IND makes exchange of files difficult.

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It would be great to have an alternate option for developing graphic information. So I will see if my clients are interested in experimenting.

However we have millions of Adobe documents that we would like to have access to. So if we wanted to break the chains of Adobe domination we would have to leave a lot behind. When a project goes out for production, they go to a Adobe dominated world. It would be like having all houses built with a special Adobe hammer that you had to rent..


It's good that there is another player in the image creation business. I will check it out.

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If you look at the Book libraries in Illustrator you will see there are lots color systems. PMS could find it self fading away. I got my first Mac when design companies were still ordering type set from type houses. Type houses disappeared over night along with STAT machines and rubber cement. PMS has been going a long time and most designers have a book at their desk but that could change. If the price gets wacky new standards will arise to fill the void. We will choose the one we can afford. 


I will probably die from exposure to rubber cement and thinner.

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I've used the Affinity apps for some time.


Haven't yet looked at the V2 ones to see if they have addressed any of things that annoy me about the V1 apps.


For anyone considering going to Affinity: a useful thing to understand is that all three of the apps (Photo, Illustrator, Publisher) use the same file format. Essentially each app is a different toolset that can act on the basic file. This saves a lot of the exporting/importing that can be necessary if you use, for example, different photo-editing and layout apps. It's worth considering getting all three of the apps.



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