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11.5 Glass Accurate - It still isn't


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I have been led to believe that NNA 'fixed' 11.5 renderworks 'Glass Accurate' texture but it still gives a less realistic material than the 'Glass Simple' texture. For some reason changes to the specular, diffuse, ambient settings have no effect on the final result. The mirror setting produces no reflections. The refraction setting is so sensitive that 10mm solid glass is more like 2 metres of water, the only difference to 11.0.1 is that the preview window fades the refraction effect. The final rendered result is still miles out. I can get a more accurate texture by using the 'Glass Simple' model although this is by no means accurate. Refraction is still way of the scale though.

I'm glad that the 'normals' bug has been fixed but this is basic texturing in todays market. We need a consistently accurate glass texture without the need for experimentation on every new project.

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Hello Nick:

Can you please send me a simple file that shows these problems?

One thing that may be counter-intuitive in the current interface is that the ambient, diffuse, and specular factors only come into play when the transmission is set high. Otherwise the brightness of the glass color is not affected by these values.

If you want a partially transparent surface that has some color you might try using a combination of a translucency reflectivity shader and a plain transparency shader.

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