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Renderworks Demo

paul wilson

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Hi Paul,

I used to use AutoCad 04 / Studio Max.

I switched over to VW 11, and Renderworks. Renderworks doesnt give you quite the quality of 3D Studio Max, but with some tweaking its not too bad. Very acceptable for day to day stuff.

I find the rendering engine of Renderworks to be very very slow compared with other software specifically designed for animation/rendering.

I have plans to purchase Cinema 4D in a few months for my higher-end renderings as there is a plugin that nicely converts VW files to Cinema 4D files. I have played with an older version of Cinema 4D, and it is very easy to use, and alot of fun.

I think Renderworks comes with the demo version if I am not mistaken. If not, I believe you can get a 3 month trial.

Hope this helps

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