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Image prop in hybrid symbol?


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I'd like to use an image prop of a tree as the 3d part of a hybrid symbol. I'd want to use a filled circle as the 2d part of the hybrid symbol.

I can't get this to work.

Goal is to create a 2d landscape plan with hybrid symbols so I see a 2d plan in top/plan view and the image prop in other views.


Balin Butler

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It will not work - maybe in the next update this will be fixed. Make a symbol of the 2D representation. Then make a new symbol including the 2D symbol and the image prop. Put this in your symbol folder and use it like any normal symbol, but be sure to convert it to a group before rendering. This way you will keep the 2D representation in the correct location.

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Hello BalinB:

You can now use image props in symbols. You actually could use non-auto-rotating image props in symbols before, but now they can auto-rotate too.

Among the other image prop improvements in 11.5 are that you can enter height and width independent of the image aspect ratio, you can create a symbol from the plug-in with one click, and there is a name field that is the basis for the image prop texture and plug-in symbol name. So if you entered "White Pine 20ft" for the name the Create Image Prop menu item would create a texture resource called "White Pine 20ft Prop Texture" and a symbol called "White Pine 20ft Prop Symbol". When you drag and drop this symbol it is inserted into the drawing as a plugin. This means that you can select it and edit its parameters with the Object Info palette. Also, image prop symbols such as these have a rendered front view thumbnail in the resource browser so that you can distinguish between them better.

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